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Why not dedicate yourself to cleaning cars?

We live in hard times, and it is difficult to find a job. Offers are scarce and market conditions are usually unfavourable from the point of view of the worker.

But at the same time we are moving towards a more diversified economic model thanks to new technologies. If we adapt well to what the new market offers, we can significantly enhance and utilise our skills. The tendency of the market is that now, through platforms, there are more and more self-employment opportunities.

Dedicate to clean cars in a professional manner

A great example of the current market is offered by Dr. Burbujas: a mobile app where you can find many possibilities and through which you can increase the value of your professional profile.

The car cleaning service via Dr. Burbujas is a popular option available for independent professionals.

The mobile application of Dr Bubbles has many advantages


Providing services near your home means your travel costs are the minimum possible. This is a great advantage if you compare yourself with other people who face endless delays in peak hour’s traffic.

Ease of use

The app is very easy to use. You simply have to register and create a professional profile. Wherever you are, the appointments will reach you directly via your mobile, Please note that there is no contractual labour relationship and Dr. Burbujas is not your employer, it is just a marketing platform.


You decide which services to accept and which ones to reject. You will earn extra income depending on the number of services you perform, but you decide the level of commitment.

Professional Compatibility

This is the perfect complement to any other activity because you decide the amount of time you want to dedicate to it.

Experience is unnecessary

We know you are tired of being asked for 10 years’ experience even to be a waiter assistant. Finding additional employment is complicated, but cleaning cars is something we have all had to do and the ability to do it better and faster develops over time.

No previous investment is required

The Dr. Burbujas mobile app is free. Although, if you prefer, you can make a premium account. You only have to buy the cleaning materials through our online store.


Dr. Burbujas makes it easier for you to get known and as you acquire positive ratings you will increase the number of services you receive from customers.


Dr. Burbujas is just an intermediary providing interaction with customers and payment protection. When you sign up, you provide us with the payment mandate and we charge the customer, depositing the money for the service provided directly into your account.

All these advantages play in your favour. It is time to put aside the endless hours reviewing job vacancies, the difficult task of hunting for customers, and the risk of not being paid. Now you can spend those hours saved in enjoying an activity that you like and enjoying the well-deserved peace of mind.

Download our application now and become an Assistant of Dr. Burbujas!


Why is the cleaning of cars at home gaining more and more followers?

Nowadays, new business niches emerge with great ease and speed. New technologies have multiplied the possibilities of offering different products or services. The difference between success and failure lies in the fact of giving an effective response to a specific need or demand. The cleaning of cars at home has all the features that make it an interesting service and specifically relevant in the daily routine of millions of people around the world.

Therefore, we can highlight two points that mark the success of car cleaning at home:

One of the most boring and necessary tasks that every vehicle owner must perform is related to its cleaning (for example, the cleaning of car upholstery). To a lesser or greater extent, each person tries to keep their car as clean as possible. The lack of time, the tedium that it produces, or the ignorance of how to carry it out properly, leads many owners to inadequately clean their car, although they would like to have their vehicle untarnished.

New technologies are fundamental to the business of car cleaning at home, because through mobile apps the user is offered a very convenient tool for hiring these cleaning services. E-commerce and the hiring of online services is no longer a mystery for most of society.

With all this, a service has been built that has captivated a large number of users who have seen how cleaning their car has become a much lighter and more comfortable task.

Car cleaning at home, comfort and quality

But however well presented this product or service is, if it does not respond to the client’s expectations, the service will fade with time. This interesting business of car cleaning at home is based on:

  • New technologies, easy and fast contracting of the service provider.
  • Different offers of services appropriate for each case.
  • Personalised cleaning service carried out by industry professionals.
  • Specialised products suitable for cleaning cars.

The remarkable and transparent feedback from customers is exponentially increasing the popularity of this cleaning service. It is gaining followers day after day as people come to understand  and appreciate the delegation of this task to true professionals.

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