limpieza de coche sin agua

Is it possible to wash your car without water?

Did you know that in an automated car wash you can spend around 500 litres of water in the process of washing only one car?

And did you know that by hand washing your car you can consume up to 50 litres of water? And that’s if you have a small car…

Take care of the environment with Dr Bubbles! Our services are focused on performing a water-less wash to preserve the environment.

We have the most innovative service in the home car wash market, since we do not use even a drop of water to wash cars.

Once and for all forget about squandering all those litres of water and let the best experts in car washing do it for you without having to use water or soap.

At the end of the wash you will be happy to have a clean car and have contributed to the planet in the process.

Using the benefits of nanotechnology we work with high quality cleaning products and technology which focuses on being friendly to our planet.

We will take care of washing your car without using harmful chemicals or high toxicity products

The best of all?

We do not use electricity either!

Our home car wash service is completely eco-friendly.

If you thought that removing those unpleasant spots from your upholstery was impossible, or that you should use a huge amount of water, a vacuum cleaner, and a host of products to clean your car, we have excellent news.

Thanks to nanotechnology and the great work of our experts in washing without water, we can get rid of most stains or dirt that is inside your car.

All without using high pressure cleaners and vacuum cleaners that consume water and energy.

Dr Bubbles also removes all the dirt from the outside of your car, grime that often adheres so strongly that it appears to be even part of your car.

This dirt sometimes corrodes and wears out the paint, making your car look awful. And do not talk about that extra expense for your pocket…

How do we eliminate those stains that damage your car so much?

We use cleaning nanotechnology.

With this technology we will remove all those stains that already seem part of your car.

The bodywork will look like new with our carnauba wax application service, which enhances the shine of the paint and in turn helps to reduce the worn effect.

With this nano cleaning you can go for a ride in your car to any destination without fear of dirtying the interior, the bodywork, or the wheels of your car.

Nanotechnology will make your car safe from all the damage that the sun’s rays can cause to the bodywork.

We take care of your car with the best in products that protect against UV rays.

Mud, sand, dirt, or dust cannot adhere to the paint thanks to this protective layer that has a self-cleaning effect.

The dirt will roll off your car!

Do not forget that when you return from your trip you can contact us just by using your mobile phone and tapping on our at home car wash app.

We will promptly send an assistant who is the best in washing without water and your car will be gleaming again.

The best thing is that you will not have to worry about paying for water or electricity.

We are savers!

You will enjoy the best car wash from the comfort and tranquillity of your home. In addition you will be collaborating with the conservation of the environment.

Your car and your pocket will be happy with our services.

No doubt you will not want to return to a common car wash after you have seen how easy, economical, and comfortable it is to solve the problem of your dirty car.

Think no more!

Dr Bubbles takes care of your car while taking care of the environment.

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