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Is it possible to wash the car without water?

Is it possible to wash the car without water? If you doubt this, keep reading.

Thinking about the task of washing the car, one of the first images that comes to mind is the huge amount of water that we must use to make our car as clean as possible. If you still think that water is necessary for this type of washing task, you will have a very pleasant surprise. It is possible to wash the car without water!

One of the great characteristics of at home car cleaning services is its eco-friendly solutions, including the use of products to wash the car without water, which significantly facilitates the work, quality, and comfort of this innovative cleaning service. What more could you want? A friendly solution to the environment and effective in cleaning cars


How is it possible to wash the car without water?

This is the question that surely you will be asked, the answer is very simple. Performing a home cleaning service of cars without water is possible by using a professional collection of dry cleaning products: cleaners, sprays, waxes, window cleaners, upholstery cleaners, etc. Specialised products for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Cleaning vehicles without water offers all kinds of advantages. First, the significant quantity of water that is saved contributes to the care of the environment. Second, the products are non-toxic, thirdly, and not less important, the excellent quality of washing and final cleaning this service provides.

Washing the car without water is a magnificently eco-friendly solution vital to understanding the success of this at home car washing service. Hand washing contributes to a superior thoroughness and attention to detail, providing greater safety and protection to all parts of the vehicle being treated.

From now on you should not doubt the possibility and benefits of washing the car without water, in fact it is time to consider using these new home cleaning services to undertake this routine task with the best professionalism, comfort and quality available. Also, with the peace of mind that you are contributing to the maintenance and conservation of the environment.

Nano cleaning: wash your car without using water

Have you ever thought about washing your car without water?

Dr Bubbles makes it possible!

Caring for our planet, we offer you the best at home car wash using the latest technology that nano cleaning products provide.

At Dr Bubbles we work with high innovation, using advanced nanotechnology products specifically for the car washing industry.

Our products are free of solvents, phosphate, petroleum, bleach, and other abrasive components which are dangerous for the environment, human beings, and of course, for your car.

With this new technology we offer you the best washing without water. No waste and also without raising your water or electricity bills.

We assure you that we will eliminate all stains caused by rust, dust, mud,  particles from vehicle engine fumes that stick to your car while waiting in traffic, and all those stains that you thought were impossible to eliminate.

Another good point is that we do not use any chemicals with unpleasant odours.

With the nano cleaning that Dr Bubbles offers, your car will look like new, since the nanotechnology products  we use not only clean, they also polish and give back to the cars that touch of brightness that you like so much.

This washing technology is perfect for all types of vehicles. It does not matter if it is new or old, if the paint is matte or shiny.

Using our nano cleaning service with wax, your car will have an extra layer that will protect it against UV rays.

This is possible thanks to Carnauba wax, the hardest and most effective natural wax in the whole world; the experts call Carnauba “the queen of wax”.

Carnauba wax will cause your car to remain impeccable and bright!

It does not matter if it rains or if you spend hours stuck in traffic on a very sunny day. Because of the Carnauba wax these conditions will not cause a problem for keeping your car shiny.

The home car wash services we offer will surpass your expectations when you see that they do not require water, soap, or products toxic for the environment.

The results will be unmatched!

Dr Bubbles focuses on providing the best home car wash services.

That is why we always seek to be friendly and responsible with the environment.

You will not have to worry about the consumption of water or electric power, since in our car wash services we do not use high pressure cleaners.

Now you are wondering how will they wash the inside of my car without using water?

The nano cleaning products are not only for the car exteriors. This innovative technology of washing without water will also help us to leave your car clean inside.

We assure you that we will eliminate all the stains on your seats, and carpets, and all those surfaces that have grime and unpleasant stains.

Dr Bubbles will leave your car in top condition using quality products, which, like us, seek to take care of the planet.

That is why we employ the best experts in at home car washing.

These cleaning professionals will be responsible for returning the life to your car, applying techniques that the environment and your car will appreciate.

After using our waterless wash services you can drive to the beach without having to worry about sandy seats and carpets.

The bodywork will not lose its shine in the sand either!

Thanks to the nano cleaning provided by Dr Bubbles, your car will not get dirty easily. All surfaces to which we apply our latest technology products will have a self-cleaning effect.

The dirt will not be able to adhere easily and water will run off the surfaces without leaving marks.

Now you know that we make it possible to wash your car without using water or electricity.

You just have to download our mobile app for at home car washing and we will send you the nano cleaning experts, they will take care of returning the colour and beauty to your car while you enjoy the comfort of home.

Take care of the environment and have the car cleaned?

Dr Bubbles makes it possible.

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