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Save time by hiring a car wash service

Nowadays hiring a car wash service is a good idea as it easily saves a lot of time.

Currently an average family, comprising four people, has to struggle to adjust their schedules to attend all kinds of weekly activities.

Parents have to work, do grocery shopping, take care of their children, visit friends, clean the house, and try to find some time to relax, among many other things. The children, meanwhile, live in another world that is also full of activities, for example, studying, surfing the internet, playing sports, participating in extracurricular classes and socialising with their friends.

Among all this, the care and maintenance of family cars is a great obligation nobody wants to make.

A person in general takes between one to three hours to perform a good cleaning of their car, which is a long time if you consider that several experts recommend that it should be cleaned weekly.

If we consider a washing time of two hours and that there are 52 weeks in a year, then a person will occupy 104 hours in washing their car every year. Time that could be used for other more valuable activities.

Good reasons for you to do a regular cleaning of your car

Cars are a very important part of modern families, they can even help save lives in certain emergencies.

There are several reasons to clean a car frequently:

  • Mainly to avoid corrosion and keep the paint in good condition.
  • Clean windows improve visibility which helps in avoiding accidents.
  • According to some studies, clean cars use fuel more efficiently.
  • A clean car is more attractive to the eye and shows that its owners are neat and tidy.
  • It is pleasant to drive a well-maintained car.

For these reasons, it is advisable to hire a professional service for car washing.

Advantages of hiring people experienced in car washing

People with years of experience in car cleaning know all the secrets of the business.

In addition to performing a good service they can give advice on how to keep a car in perfect condition for a long time.

Besides saving a lot of time and money for all its customers, Dr. Bubble’s innovative formula presents a perfect solution for cleaning a car.

Download our app now and become an Assistant of Dr. Bubble!

Clean my car using just one finger

Yesterday, for the first time, I cleaned my car just by using a finger! I downloaded the Dr. Burbujas app and with only one click, a professional came to clean my car. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I did not get wet at all. My good friend Mike recommended I download the Dr. Burbujas app and use this car cleaning service,   he convinced me to try it.

We were both drinking a beer after a hard week of work, almost without exchanging a word because we were dead tired. I took a sip of my beer and absorbed in my own thoughts, was reviewing the list of things I still had to do that day. I said, “Well, now after all this I still have to clean the car, it’s disgusting!”

That was when Mike responded, with a half smile of relief and told me that his car was already immaculate.  The only effort he had made was to use his finger. He had simply removed the dirt from his car with a click on his cell phone. One click! Here I was mentally canceling weekend plans; rearranging my agenda to make a space to clean the car! I immediately decided to try it. I moved the beer away, took out my phone and following Mike’s directions was surprised at how easy it was to install the Dr. Burbujas app. I created my user profile and requested the service. They arrived promptly.

I cannot believe that I no longer have to wash my car

Dr. Burbujas’ assistant was a professional who took care cleaning the exterior and interior of my car. Meanwhile, my wife came. She had already organised the weekend agenda saying, “Before returning home do not forget to clean the car, we have a birthday party tomorrow.”

I said, “Look there, they’re cleaning it.” She was stunned to see that Dr. Burbujas’ assistant was leaving a shiny car without using a drop of water. She looked so happy with my resourcefulness. And thanks to Dr. Burbujas we had a wonderful weekend. I do not remember a birthday party that I enjoyed so much. Other parents’ cars left a lot to be desired while my car was shining brightly.

I do not know how I survived the car cleaning process for so long. Knowing how Dr. Burbujas has established such a simple system is a guarantee of success.

Once you have downloaded the app (availabe in iOS and Android, you only have to choose the place and the approximate time then the closest professional arrives to clean your car. Meanwhile, you can stay calmly at home, wearing your pyjamas, doing what you like best, which in my case is enjoying time with my family.

Of course, I do not anymore intend to spend my spare time dusting the dashboard or shaking dirt off the floor mats. The person who cleaned my car left it clean as a whistle, inside and out. That was how I rescued my Friday afternoon. Now, I order the service on Saturday mornings. Of course, when someone makes life easier for you, you have to reward them. For that reason, in the app, because they have provided an excellent service and I know this is important for them, I award the highest score on the cleaning professional’s profile.

I also recommend the app to all my friends. What about you? What are you waiting for? Do you dare to clean your car with just a finger?



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