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The revolution in car cleaning

Why Dr Burbujas is the best option for car cleaning?

Would you like to know more about the experience that people have had who use our at home car cleaning services?

This is Ana Castellejo, a mother of two children, who works full time.

Ana agreed to answer some questions to help you learn more about the car wash experience with Dr Burbujas.

Why did you start using our mobile home car wash service?

Ana: “A good friend was visiting my house. We talked about our lives, husbands, jobs, and children.

I was impressed with how she had time for so many things, even to wash her car.

‘Look at my car! I cannot even go to a car wash,’ I said. Then she shared with me a link that changed my life.

I downloaded Dr Burbujas app and understood that cleaning my car would never be a problem again.”

Do you consider that Dr Burbujas has been the best solution for cleaning your car?

Ana: “Of course I do. Dr Burbujas has been completely responsible for keeping my car clean whenever I ask.

I have two small children, so my car usually gets dirty inside very quickly. In addition, I live in a rural area, without asphalt roads, so dust and mud are always present, both outside and inside.

But Dr Burbujas gives me three cleaning options that have undoubtedly surpassed my expectations.

I have tried from a simple bubble wash, which is the most basic wash, to the deepest. Now I feel like I drive a new car every time Dr Burbujas comes to my house.

Dr Burbujas experts restored my car to life, in such a way that the upholstery and mats were as new and completely eliminated my idea of wanting to replace them because I did not have time to wash them.

In addition, the mud on the tyres and wheels disappeared, the body was shiny, and the engine… I cannot even say…was brilliant”

What would you say to people who have not yet tried our at home car wash service?

Ana: “I would tell them that they are wasting their time queueing at the car wash station.

Do not waste your time, download the Dr. Bubble mobile app, reserve the day and time you want  your car cleaned and voila. Dr Burbujas will send the best assistants in car cleaning to your home.

In addition, Dr Burbujas has benefits that cannot be ignored. Among them is that you can review the profiles of the cleaning assistants, so you can decide which of all the experts you want to clean your car.

Another benefit is that you choose the location for the car cleaning.”

Why would you recommend Dr. Burbujas?

Ana: “I would recommend the services of Dr. Burbujas at home car wash because there is no better way to wash the car.

I never imagined I could wash my car with just a finger!

Since I made the first tap on the reservation for an expert’s visit, I never have to set aside time in my agenda to go to the car wash. Now I can enjoy that free time with my children.

The special treatment for leather or fabric upholstery is first class. I think I’ve never seen the seats so clean since I removed the plastic that came with them from the dealership.

Dr Burbujas is definitely the best choice for car cleaning.”

Will you go back to a car wash station for auto-washing?

Ana: “No, I definitely will not lose my time in a car wash again.

Dr Burbujas is the best option for cleaning cars at home. I will continue to enjoy the experience offered by their services at the best price and from the comfort of my home.”

Ana and her children already enjoy the benefits of our services.

What do you expect to enjoy doing at home while your car is cleaned by Dr Burbujas?


Why choose Dr. Burbujas?

A testimony about the best car wash at home

Do you want to know more about the experience offered by Dr. Burbujas?

Daniel Córdova is a customer who has been using our car wash service at home.

We asked him five questions. This is what Daniel said about the Dr. Burbujas’s service:

How did you find out about Dr. Burbujas’s home car wash service?

Daniel: “It was a day when I finished work very tired. The week was about to end and I still had a lot of things to do.

Then I got to the carpark and saw that my car was so dirty, it was almost impossible to distinguish its original colour.

’When will I have time to wash my car, or should I take it to a car wash?’ I thought as I went through my schedule.

I decided to search online for a solution to my problem. A cleaning service for my car that allows me to fulfil my other responsibilities and also frees up my time so I can spend it with my girlfriend and my family.

Then I found the Dr. Burbujas app!

Do not hesitate a second to download it to see all the at home car wash services they offer.

That is, who does not like the idea of ​​having their car washed at home while not having to stop what they are doing?”

What does Dr. Burbujas do best?

Daniel: “Without a doubt, Dr. Burbujas has really helped by washing my car. Thanks to its at home car wash service I avoid driving and the hassle of wasting time queueing at the car wash station.

Dr. Burbujas comes to my house when my car needs washing. All I have to do is tap on my mobile phone to organise an appointment with these true experts in car cleaning.

Also, I can choose between various options, depending on what cleaning service I need at the moment.

I can get anything from a simple body wash to a deep bubble cleaning, which not only includes the body, but also the rims, engine, glass, carpets and upholstery.

Without forgetting, of course, the carnauba wax service that leaves the car paint as new.”

Why choose Dr. Burbujas as an at home car wash service?

Daniel: “Dr. Burbujas provides a service that undoubtedly makes it the best mobile app for a car washing service at home.

Another interesting advantage is that I can earn money if I recommend a friend.

This benefit has worked great for me, since their service is so good my friends are surprised to see that my car is now always clean and shiny. It is inevitable I tell them about Dr. Burbujas.”

Daniel, would you recommend Dr. Burbujas?

Daniel: “I would definitely recommend the services that Dr Burbujas offers.

They guaranteeprovide a quality service, so I can be completely relaxed and optimise my time while my car is washedthat guarantees full comfort, helps my time to be optimized and can be completely relaxed while washing my car.

On the other hand, the prices are affordable, so my pocket will does not suffer. ”

Will you be responsible for personally cleaning your car yourself again?

Daniel: “My answer is a resounding ‘no’.

My car will not be dirty again due to a lack of time. Now, with just one click tap on the application I will have the best experts in car cleaning at thecome to my door of my house.

It is a very simple The process to book the a car cleaning  appointmentof my car is very simple. I can simply do it, wherever I am, from my mobile phone from wherever I am.

Also, I have the possibility tocan review the cleaners’ profiles and choose who I want to of those responsible for cleaning my cars. So I’ll always know who I order my choche.

Since I used this great service for the first time, Dr. Burbujas has been in charge of maintaining the cleanliness ofkeeping my car clean.

Already gone down in history are mythe excuses for a lack of time to go to the car wash went down in history. Now all I will only take care of takinguse is my mobile phone and to book a visit ofan appointment providing the best service in for cleaning for cars at home. ”

Daniel already dared!

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