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How to clean car upholstery

Cleaning car upholstery is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and tedious parts of washing the car. Upholstery stains very easily, and usually gets dirty from almost anything that touches it.

Since we spend hours and hours travelling in the car, keeping the upholstery clean is more important than maintaining a shiny exterior.

Having a dirty car can mean problems for your health.


Failure to clean the upholstery generates dust accumulation, which triggers influenza or allergy symptoms.

To help keep yourself healthy it is important to maintain a clean car interior. The best option is a thorough car wash, dedicating enough time to the interior.

Here are some techniques, that with time and dedication, will help you to have super clean upholstery.

Cleaning techniques for leather upholstery

1.  If the leather has a stubborn stain, it is advisable to carry out a pre-treatment, that is, before starting with deep cleaning apply a special stain remover for leather.

2.  Use a slightly damp cloth to remove all dirt residue.

3.  So as not to damage the characteristic brightness of the leather’s surface, it is essential to have a brush that is exclusively for upholstery. To prevent the leather being mistreated, the dust is removed by brushing gently and very carefully.

4.  Proceed with the cleaning by removing the stain remover that was previously applied.

5.  With another brush, like the one in step # 3, apply a product specifically for cleaning leather. Note: one area at a time must be cleaned.

6. After applying the cleaner, rinse with a completely dry soft cloth, fastidiously wipe dry the upholstery. It is important that there are no wet areas since the leather may develop an unpleasant odour. After making sure that the leather is completely dry, apply the conditioner and polish with a microfibre cloth.

Techniques for cleaning cloth upholstery

1.  Vacuum the entire surface of the fabric to eliminate the usual accumulation of dust and dirt.

2.  Apply Dr Bubbles’ formula to clean upholstery

3.  Remove the mixture with a damp microfibre cloth.

5.  Finally, again vacuum thoroughly to make sure there are no traces of solutions, much less dust.

A toothbrush is useful for cleaning the seams and edges of the upholstery, removing any dirt untouched with the soft cloth or larger brush.

By applying these techniques and dedicating the time, the clean upholstery one always dreams of can be achieved.


You must ask if you are really willing to invest your time doing this upholstery wash. In addition, nothing guarantees that the cleaning will be what you expect.

To avoid disappointment from poor results it is better to get the professionals.

How do I get them?

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