Dr. Burbujas Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I book a mobile car cleaning?

You can instantly book your car cleaning. Just download the Dr. Burbujas app and you will be able to book directly from your mobile. Our assistant will go immediately after you book. Our mobile app is very simple, Download it now!

  • Can I book a car wash 24/7?

You can book your car wash from the Dr. Burbuja app anytime, anywhere you are. Our special technology, based on geolocation, will find the assistant closest to your location.

  • Why should I choose Dr. Burbujas?

Dr. Burbujas is a revolutionary mobile valeting service allowing you to book your hand car wash that will come directly to you instead of you driving to it! When you book your car wash with Dr. Burbujas, you save precious time and you help the environment by reducing the waste of water as happens at traditional carwash stations.

  • Can I book a car wash at any time needed?

Dr. Burbujas’ team of assistants will come to your place immediately after you book your car wash or at a specified time. You can book up to one week in advance.

  • What if I change my mind about wanting my car cleaned? Is it possible to cancel or reschedule a booking?

If your booking was made in advance, you can cancel your booking any time before our assistant starts the trip. However, if our assistant has already started the trip to your place and you have to cancel, you will be charged the minimum visit fee. You can check our cancellation policy in our terms and conditions section.

Car wash process

  • How long do I need to wait until the car wash professionals arrive?

Once you select a date and time for your car wash, our professional will be at your place on time. If you book with Dr. Burbujas for immediate service, our assistant should arrive no longer than 30 minutes after your booking. However, please note that there could be some delays due to traffic circumstances.

  • Do I need to provide any equipment for washing?

No. Dr. Burbujas’ assistant will bring the whole equipment with them so you don’t need to worry about anything. Just enjoy your time!

  • Should I pay more, if the carwash takes more time?

Our offer of Bubbly Wash, Bubbly Inclusive Solution and Bubbly Showroom Touch services is standard for regular autos. In the event that your car is bigger or dirtier and it takes more time to clean, our assistant could apply extra charges.

  • What special products do you use for car washing?

Dr. Burbujas only uses products that are good for the environment. Our revolutionary system saves incredible amounts of water for the planet every year.

  • Can Dr. Burbujas provide services when I move around the city?

Of course! Dr. Burbujas will attend you wherever you are! Our solution will give you more free time so you can do the things you really love to do.

  • How do I know I will be happy with the clean I receive from Dr. Burbujas?

Customer service is of the upmost importance to Dr. Burbujas and your feedback is requested on completion of the clean. We want you to be happy with the service you receive and in the unlikely event you are unhappy, your feedback will be taken very seriously and acted upon where necessary.

Our professionals

  • Can I choose the car wash professional?

All our Assistants are well trained in the cleaning process and in our products and all of them are very professional. However, if you want a specific assistant you can choose the one you like. Just check the providers that are available in your area.

  • Can I book the same assistant next time?

Of course. If you want to work always with the same assistant, you only need to go to your past booking and choose “book again” option.

  • What happens if Dr. Burbujas’ assistant damages my car?

This shouldn’t happen as all our assistants are professional car cleaners who only use pre-tested, pre-approved Dr. Burbujas products! But in the unlikely event that one of the mobile car cleaners damages your car, we do insist car cleaners take before and after photos of their work and as a pre-requisite of collaborating with Dr. Baribujas the car cleaners are fully insured against 3rd party damages.

  • How can I become an assistant of Dr. Burbujas?

It’s easy to become one of us and enjoy a great working environment and flexible hours that suit you. Simply download the Dr. Burbujas Assistant App and create a profile. It’s simple and you will quickly start working.

Prices and Packages

  • Do I have to pay in advance?

All the bookings are done via our app and payment is completed online when you get your booking confirmation.

  • What forms of payment does Dr. Burbujas accept?

You can pay in our app vía paypal or credit card. Please note, we do not accept any cash payments.

  • What is included in the Bubbly Wash service?

In our refreshing Bubbly Wash service your car will enjoy a full wash of bodywork, clean wheels and dress tyres. All of this for the small price of 29€.

  • What is included in the Bubbly Inclusive Solution Service?

In our Bubbly Inclusive Solution service your car will enjoy a full wash of bodywork, clean wheels and dress tyres. We also will vacuum the interior, wipe down the dashboard and console and your car glass will be cleaned inside and out. This is our best offer for only 49€!

  • What is included in the Bubbly Showroom Touch service?

In our Bubbly Showroom Touch service your car will enjoy a full wash of bodywork, clean wheels, treat bodywork with spray wax, spray wax is also applied to tyres, vacuum full interior including boot area, shampoo carpets and mats, interior upholstery shampooed or leather treated, clean door shuts, centre console cleaned and dressed, dashboard and facia cleaned and dressed, glass cleaned inside and out. This premium offer for as little as 99€!

  • Do you have any additional services or extras?

You can add more extras to your wash for only 25€. All packages can be upgraded for high grade carnauba wax, glass polished and sealant applied.

  • What happens if my car is dirty with pet hair?

We can offer you a pet hair removal for only 15€ in all packages. Please leave a note in advance to our assistant that you need this option.

  • Do you have discounts for standing customers?

Of course. If you are a regular customer you can enjoy our promotions and discounts. Please do not forget to subscribe here to our newsletter to know all about our offers.

  • Can I tip my cleaner?

Of course you can! You will be offered the opportunity to tip in the feedback section and all of your tip will be forwarded to your professional car cleaner.

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