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Services through a car cleaning application

Modern car cleaning service at a good price

New technologies are improving many aspects of human life, including car cleaning.

Before the invention of mobile devices it was unthinkable to be able to talk on the phone in the street or switch on electronic equipment remotely from any location. Now, mobile apps are popular worldwide, offering all kinds of services helping improve the quality of life for their users.

These technological developments include mobile platforms to buy plane tickets, order food at home, monitor security cameras, and now it is also possible to request a car cleaning service from the comfort of your home.

Our car cleaning app

Available for Android and iOS devices, Dr Burbujas is a platform for contracting at home car washing.

Using this mobile app, with just one tap, you can request that a person arrive at your home with everything needed to perform a professional cleaning of your car.

Customers no longer have to waste time driving to a washing centre, spending money on petrol, and then waiting to be served.

While you are working, resting, or enjoying quality time with your family your car will be washed with the best cleaning products on the market.


Characteristics of an excellent car cleaning service

The services provided by Dr Burbujas include:

· Body wash

· Clean wheels

· Clean and polish tyres

· Interior cleaning and deodorising

· Clean the centre console and dashboard

· Clean exterior and interior glass

· Body treatment with wax

· Wax treatment applied to the wheels

· Complete interior cleaning including the boot area

· Shampooing carpets and rugs

· Upholstery cleaning

· Other additional services available on the Dr Bubbles website

In addition, once the work is finished you can evaluate the service by writing your comments in the mobile app. All comments will be taken into account by the company’s directors.


The creators of this revolutionary mobile app are committed to providing the best car cleaning service for the most discerning people.

Another great advantage of Dr Burbujas is the ability to make credit card and debit card payments, this is advantageous for drivers who do not carry cash.

Install this app and start using Dr Burbujas services, which will allow your car to be cleaned professionally, while saving your time and petrol.

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