Limpieza de coches a domicilio del Dr. Burbujas

Do you know the advantages of hiring a manual car cleaning service?

Now you can do it easily from your mobile!

Every day, mobile apps offer you the possibility of hiring many services, including professionals who go to your home. The comfort and convenience these services provide is the main reason these types of businesses are becoming a regular part of your daily life. You can already order food, buy products and services, and perform all kinds of transactions through your mobile which save you a considerable amount of time.

We are very pleased to announce that something many of you were waiting for has finally arrived. With just a click on your mobile, Dr. Burbujas offers a car washing service at your home.

Requesting your car cleaning is as simple as downloading our app and pressing a button on your mobile.

Our service provides these advantages:

1: Convenience and comfort: You open the app, ask the professional to arrive at a time that suits you and now you do not have to worry about anything else. The professional will be in charge of cleaning and provides all the products. You do not even have to take off your slippers. You can forget about jams and queues at cleaning stations and you do not need to stop doing your favourite activity to pick up your car.

2: Price: Did you think that a home service would be more expensive? Because the professionals do not have to pay for a local they can afford to offer an excellent service at a competitive price. The good news about these apps is that they have created a new era of home services which breaks with the old role of only the privileged few being able to afford them. Now a car cleaning service becomes accessible to all pockets.

3: Trust and professionalism: The app offers an evaluation system allowing new users to provide information about the service they received and clients who have enjoyed the service can comment on it.  These complements help motivate the professionals to continue providing an outstanding service that guarantees the satisfaction of the client!

4: Saving time: We have evolved into a frenetic society where it is important to enjoy quality time to compensate for the stress of everyday life. Being able to minimise the time stolen by low-reward activities, such as washing the car, causes our quality time to increase considerably. Do you remember how you had to take hours on Saturday morning to rub mosquitoes off the windshield? That now belongs to the past.

5: Local service: There is a quick response time because the professional who will attend you is the one closest to your location.

With all these advantages, you will recognise that it is difficult to resist the temptation to download the Dr. Burbujas app! You can enjoy a dazzling car without any effort on your part. It is time to leave the dirty work in the hands of another and take advantage of those Saturday mornings enjoying your well-deserved freedom.

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